Saturday, July 19, 2014

I Want to Learn How to Draw

Art class was something I missed out in school.  I did band from 6th grade til my sophmore year of high school, and band took the place of any required art credits.  I did take one drawing class in college, but other than that I missed out on formal drawing lessons throughout my schooling--which is a bummer.

Lately I've been trying to improve my skills in hopes that I can illustrate my own apps more skillfully.  I've picked up some art books at the library, but one that has intrigued me the most has been Carla Sonheim's work.  She has a few book (affiliate links to the right) filled with art lessons and she has online classes as well.  At the beginning of this summer I signed up for her imaginary creatures class.  Her style is intriguing and interesting and learning her techniques have been fun.

Here are some various things I have drawn, some from both the lessons in her books, some from her class, and some on my own.  I really want to do her year long fairy tale class, but the $200 tag plus supplies is a bit much for me right now.  I'll just keep hoping a large fortune comes my way before the end of the year. :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Healthy Teeth and Sun Protection for Your Skin

*I am not a medical professional and supplements can have unintended consequences.  Please do your own research and consult a health professional for advice.

When Selena was five years old I noticed a big black hole in her tooth.  I took her into the dentist and she had 10 cavities.  $2000 dollars later she had had a lot of work done in her poor little mouth.

I stumbled across some people who swore that Vitamin K2 is the go to vitamin for dental health.  It is a vitamin that is not found in many foods.  The foods with the highest amounts are butter made from the milk of grass fed cows, and fermented soy beans.  The claim is that this vitamin is essential to the remineralization of your teeth.  That just like bones are constantly regenerating and growing, your teeth are doing the same, assuming they have the necessary supplies.  I did not know yhis was possible, but a hygenist friend said it was. There is some limited research that K2 helps with bone regrowth, but overall it isn't a well studied vitamin. Most of the evidence for teeth health is anecdotal.

I decided that I might as well try it.  One recommended supplement is a High Vitamin Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil mix.  It is pretty expensive but after spending $2000 on dentist bills and Selena had yet another black spot on her tooth--I figured it was worth a $50 shot to see if it worked as it could potentially save us a lot of money (what with us not having dental insurance).

Here is a picture of the black spot on Selena's tooth.  She had gone to a free dental cleaning that was being offered to the community and the dental assistant who cleaned her teeth said it was a cavity.  I gave her a small bit of the "chocolate" vitamin every day for a few weeks after that but before she went in for a scheduled cleaning. The spot was gone and she was deemed cavity free.  She also has a small spot on the front of one of her teeth, that gets noticeably smaller when I am consistent in giving her the supplement, but gets larger if I forget.

I too have had some spots on my teeth that I have been able to get rid of by consistently taking the supplement. One year ago some x-rays showed a cavity between the teeth. In the name of science I have refused to get them fixed because I want to see if they will go away.  If they still show up on my next x-rays, then I will have them taken care of.

The other benefit I have noticed from the Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil supplement is that my skin doesn't burn as easily.  I have had quite a few days that I have spent 30 - 40 minutes in the midday sun and have not gotten burnt, which historically has not been possible with my fair, freckled skin. I struggle with knowing what is more risky, no sun exposure, or too much, and I have settled on trying to get as much as possible without getting burnt.  Cod liver oil contains vitamin D, which is supposed to help prevent you from getting burnt (the reasoning on why tanning helps to prevent you from getting burnt), and there are some studies that show that vitamin K2 and vitamin D have a synergistic affect that could explain the positive affects in sun protection.

Overall the supplement tastes and smells awful, which is part of the reason I sometimes forget to take it for a while.  I buy the "chocolate" flavored kind so I can tell my kids it is a chocolate vitamin, but I still serve it up in a bite of applesauce.  That way you can slurp it down without having to taste it.

The positive affects I have seen on both mine and Selena's teeth could be coincidence.  There aren't really any scientific studies on its efficacy for cavity healing and/or prevention, and most of the proponents of it are from single group of people*, but I have had enough periods of me or my kids taking it versus not taking it to make me feel like I do see a positive difference that I am willing to spend 50 or so bucks every six months to buy it.

*Weston A Price was a dentist who did some anthropological like research and determined that populations with the healthiest teeth had some sort of "X-Factor" that he seemed to think was found most often in cow's milk during the spring.  The Weston A Price Foundation thinks that Vitamin K2 is the name of the X-Factor Price discovered as it is found primarily in milk/butter of cows that eat fresh grass.  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hacking My Health

*I am not a medical professional and supplements and exercise programs can have unintended consequences.  Please do your own research and consult a health professional for advice.

I have been writing these posts in my head for years, but the concepts are so interconnected that I find it really hard to succinctly explain all the connections and relationships, but I am going to try.

I am 33 years old, which isn't very old, but ever since having kids I started feeling old.  My joints are stiff, my back aches, and I can't physically do things that I used to be able to do, and it doesn't seem right.  If my life expectancy is 78 (or whatever) then I shouldn't start feeling old till I am 40ish, not 27ish.

When I first started this blog I did not think supplements were useful and that eating whole foods was good enough for overall health. But over the years I have adopted a new theory about the difference between surviving and thriving. You can survive on many nutritiously deficient diets, and even a nutrient dense whole foods diet can lack in some areas and supplementation can allow a person to thrive versus just survive.

One major complaint against supplements is that many do not "work" and any results are only a placebo effect.  I do not have an issue with this.  If a supplement can provide someone with a way to use the placebo effect to their own benefit then I think that is a good thing.  Most of the supplements I will use, I have had noticeable positive affects, they have a compelling scientific basis for how and why they work though may not have a double-blind placebo study to back it up, thus I do admit there is a possibility that I am simply experiencing a placebo effect.

Nutrition isn't the only health hack available.  Movement and nutrition go hand-in-hand.  The general consensus is that exercise is good for cardiovascular health, but I go a step further and think there is strong evidence that movement is integral to mental and brain health.  Recently I have been convinced even further, that the simple mechanics of how we position ourselves throughout our day has a real affect on a multitude of common ailments and degenerative diseases.

I plan on doing a series of posts sharing some of the "health hacks" I have discovered, and I am going to start with that last idea first, because it is the one that I have just discovered and the results are mindbogglingly impressive.

Hacking Your Period - Alleviating menstrual cramps, reducing the length of your period, and how heavy it is.
Healthy Teeth and Sun Protection for Your Skin
Sensitive Sense of Smell Could be a Zinc Deficiency

Monday, June 30, 2014

Alleviate Menstrual Pain, Eliminate Heavy Periods and Reduce the Length of Your Period

*I am not a medical professional, supplements and exercise programs can have unintended consequences.  Please do your own research and consult a health professional for advice.

It is so hard to not sound like an infomercial when I talk about this because it is so crazy.  The bottom line is I alleviated my menstrual pain, eliminated my heavy periods and reduced the length of my period from 7 days to 3/4 days by doing calf and hamstring stretches.

I consume a lot of information and I love it, because I find all these weird connections and develop these philosophies, but when I try to explain them it sounds weird. There is so much back story, that it is hard to be coherent.  A small example would be my post about languages, tribalism and the Seahawks.  I also have a theory about high stakes testing, and the observer effect that I have yet to put into words.  So I come across this lady, Katy Bowman, and she has this blog, and at first what I read seemed a bit odd and random, but the more I read, the more excited I get because everything is connected and she explains how.

Katy is a biomechanist whose has dedicated herself to educating the masses on the importance of alignment. Alignment is not posture. Posture is in aesthetic way to hold your body. Alignment is a correct way to hold your body.  She takes principles of biomechanics, kinesiology, physical therapy, exercise, ergonomics, biology, chemistry, physics, anthropology among other things and finds the connections between the fields, and then uses that information in a practical way.  She tells you how to stand or walk, and then explains why you should, and why you don't, and why it is hard, and what will happen if you do, and what will happen if you don't.  It is a lot of information, and sometimes it is technical, but Katy is funny and explains it entertainingly.

Just a warning this will be way TMI about myself in case the title of the post wasn't enough of a hint.  I have always had heavy periods, except when I was on birth control.  My period has never been shorter than 5 days, even when on birth control, and it usually lasts 7 days. I have incontinence problems when I run.  After having kids it became much worse.  I have diastasis recti. After Allie was born my abs split apart which has the unfortunate effect of making me look 4 - 5 months pregnant despite being 5 years postpartum.

Katy Bowman had been floating around my internet for a while. The first time when I heard of her was this interview about how kegels can make incontinence worse and thus I tried to do more squats.  Then I came across a reference to her from the Mutu program which is for diastasis recti.  I read a few of Katy's articles and got her foot book from the library, but had to return it before I had read it all. I had been contemplating buying her Down There for Woman DVD when she wrote a post about how your period works.  The gist being, that painful and long periods are caused because the uterus is never getting enough blood which makes it take longer for your body to repair the lining that was shed.  I had read enough of what she had written to realize that poor alignment can restrict blood from getting where it needs to be. It was an aha moment and I immediately decided to get the DVD. When I went to her site I saw that she had duplicated the DVD in an iPhone app, which I immediately bought. It is $10 (which people inexplicably find too expensive for an app -- that type of attitude needs to be changed. ;) ) and has five stretches and a short informative lecture.

The main goal of the program is to get your pelvis into neutral.  A neutral pelvis allows maximum blood flow to the uterus.  Many women have their pelvis's perpetually tucked.  There are a few main causes of a tucked pelvis.  The first is shoes with heels.  Pretty much every shoe, except the new "minimal" shoes, has a heel.  To adapt to the heel, and not tip over, your body adjusts its angles, and this typically results in shortened calf and hamstring muscles, that then pull on the pelvis and cause it to tuck.  Sitting and running are also activities that can cause shortened calf and hamstring muscles.  Finally many women are told to tuck their pelvis to avoid a sway back.  Unfortunately this is usually a band-aid fix that can end up making things worse.  More often the correct correct adjustment is to drop your ribs.
The DVD/app has five exercises, but the two main stretches of the program are calf and hamstring stretches. There is also a pelvic list stretch that I found very difficult the first few times.  The crazy thing about these stretches was that I had never seen anything like them.  I did gymnastics for years when I was younger. I did soccer, basketball, track in high school and track and cross-country in college.  My sister is big into yoga and barre and we discuss fitness stuff frequently.  I used to work at a company that made software that contained drawings and instructions for thousands of stretches and exercises.  Overall I have a lot of experience with various exercise paradigms, and this one is subtly, but importantly different.
The stretch that seemed to make the biggest difference was the double calf stretch, which involves bending over keeping your hips over your knees, your knees straight, and sticking your tailbone into the air, and relaxing your back into a concave curve. Initially I could not relax my back into the concave position because it was too tight.  Fortunately I am a generally flexible person and wasn't too far off. After just a few days of doing the stretches 3 - 5 times a day my back released and went concave.  It is hard to describe how incredibly good it felt. My hips, butt, and especially my piriformis had been perpetually tight for years. I would get massages or do hot yoga, but never felt like they were relaxed. Essentially it was 10 - 15 years of tension released, and it felt awesome.

I started the exercises right after my period had ended, and did them for 3 weeks before I got my next period. Typically the first day of my period I feel tired, nauseous, and have very painful cramps that cause me to cry. In general I dislike using medicine (I frequently have negative side affects) and do have a high pain tolerance, but after being miserable for months I eventually succumbed and had been taking over-the-counter pain killers for the first two days of my period every month.  This time it was different. While I still felt tired and not well, I was not in pain and did not need any medication.  The amount of flow was significantly lighter. Normally I soak through pads/tampons/cups, etc within a couple hours, this time I was not at risk of soaking through anything. And my period ended after only 3.5 days, instead of 7.  It is a miracle!

From that moment I was on Katy's bandwagon, and spent over a month consuming every book, blog post, article, interview, and free video she offered.  I also ordered a few of her online classes. The cool thing is she has all these little tests you can do to test your range of motion and diagnose the spots you are tight, or areas that could use attention.  Since then I have been able to release my psoas so I can lie flat on the ground comfortably.  I can stand with my knees straight and my quadriceps relaxed.  I have reduced lymph accumulation in my armpits.  I have increased my lung capacity and am able to breath deeper and I have increased the range of motion of my toes. I have changed the way I walk, and stand, and sit.

The nice thing about her paradigm, is that it doesn't involve a lot of time or work.  If I happen to be standing around I just stand differently.  When I am walking the kids to school I pay attention to what muscles I am using.  I do add some stretches to my day, but they feel so good, they don't seem like a chore.

If you have any ailment at all, I highly recommend looking into what Katy Bowman has to say.  Foot, knee, back, hip, and neck pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, varicose veins, bunions, menstruation and fertility issues--all of these things have mechanical components to them, and the kinks in the mechanics of how your body works affect your body on cellular and hormonal levels (download for free the first two hours of her Whole Body Alignment course if you want to learn how).

*The links to the app and the books are affiliate links and I will get a small percentage of the sale if you buy  from the link.

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Favorite Blogs

I don't think I have ever done a round up of my favorite blogs so I figured I should do one.  I use feedly as a blog reader.  I am not sure how many blogs I am subscribed to but it is at least a couple hundred.  Serves as a good way to feed my desire to know everything about everything.

Education - 

Teacher Tom -  Cooperative preschool teacher in Seattle.  I kind of have some hero worship toward Teacher Tom.  He posts daily and is consistently insightful.

Not Just Cute - Early childhood education.

Education Rethink - Teacher blog with some tech involved.

Blogging in the Fourth Dimension - Teacher blog.


Crappy Pictures - Funny parenting cartoons.

Free Range Kids -  Advocate to stop having policy being driven by worst-first thinking.

Hobo Mama - One of the first blogs I subscribed to.  She lives in Seattle.  Mostly parenting topics.


Indietutes -  There have been numerous posts that I feel like came out of my own head.  Sewing, parenting, books and learning.

Ikat bag - Lots of sewing and crafting as well as parenting posts.  Love her posts on drafting.

Fashion Incubator - I don't read this one much anymore, but at one point in time I read almost the entire site and learned a ton about sewing and manufacturing.

Food / Health - I am completely obsessed with this blog right now.  I downloaded some of her exercises and they have been amazingly effective.

Marks Daily Apple - Primal eating blog.

Tech - 

mathbabe - Former Wall Street quant turned Occupy Wall Street supporter.

Geekwire - Seattle based tech news

Art -

Will Terry - Children's book illustrator.  He has lots of instructional art videos and shares about being a freelance illustrator and children's book app creator.

Carla Sonheim - I love her art books.

Humans of New York - Photographic documentary of people in New York.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Road Trip To California - Part 2

After spending a week in Los Angeles we headed to Monterey.  Monterey is absolutely gorgeous.  I would love to live there.  It was green, and warm, and the beaches were beautiful.

We stayed with Lisa, a college x-country teammate of mine and Floyd's, and her family.  Her kids are the same ages as Selena and Allie and all the kids had a lot of fun together.  They are stationed in Monteray for 18 months.  Every time they move I always want to go visit, but traveling with kids always seems expensive and stressful to me, but this time it seemed like a good way to visit both them and my brother, and save money by driving.

We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was another really cool aquarium.  The kids especially liked the jellyfish exhibit.   We also got to see the penguins walking from the employee only area, to their exhibit.

Other than that we mostly just hung out at the beaches and ogled the fancy houses.  Lisa took me on a run along the beach which was amazing.  A long run with a good friend is pretty much my favorite thing in the world to do, so I was happy.

Floyd got to run with Dan (Lisa's husband) along the beach, and on the Pebble Beach golf course.  I think he would have rather golfed the course, but running on it was the next best thing.   He did get to play golf too, just not at Pebble Beach.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Road Trip To California - Part 1

For the end of March we took a 2 week road trip to California.  Last time we road tripped to California we went in a motor home, towing our car, and drove through the night.  Which was okay for the girls who were almost 3 and almost 5. But our dog did not like the motor home and was freaking out, which made it quite stressful till we finally put her in the car we were towing.

This time we drove in our Mazda 5.  We did a 9 hour drive to Redding, and stayed in a hotel overnight, and then did another 9 hour drive to Los Angeles.  Culver City to be exact, and stayed with my brother and his family for a week.  Then we drove about 6 hours to Monterey and stayed with our friend from college and her family for four nights, and did a 14 hour drive from Monterey back to Everett.

The trip was surprisingly smooth.  I want to say that mobile devices are awesome for road trips.  We had music, movies, tv shows, books on tape, games, and regular books all available and it made the trip pretty reasonable.

In Los Angeles we stayed with my brother which was so fun.  The kids had fun playing with their cousins.  The only bad part, was our timing, as they had just moved a few days before we arrived so their house was full of boxes, and I am sure it was a bit stressful for them.

We did Disneyland for a day (no California Adventure), the Aquarium of the Pacific, visited the beaches quite a bit, and just hung out and let the cousins play.  My nephews are the cutest boys ever.

Disneyland was of course wonderful.  I am kind of regretting not doing more than one day, but on the other hand it was crowded and pretty exhausting.  Allie just met the height requirement, which was great, because it meant we could all go on Splash Mountain and Space Mountain.  I was worried about the kids being scared, but they loved it.  They are kind of crazy.

We spent some time going on rides with the cousins, and we even met up with Lisa and her family (who we were staying with in Monterey), who also happened to be at Disneyland the same day as us.

The Aquarium of the Pacific was cool.  Their deep water exhibit was pretty awesome.  There are some weird creatures way down deep.  They also had some birds to feed, and rays to pet, and even had a penguin named Floyd. :)  

The beaches were fun, and probably the most relaxing, as the kids can spend hours digging in the sand and you don't have to deal with crowds.

We visited muscle beach in Santa Monica where Selena impressed the guys with her rope climbing skills.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lost Her First Tooth

Selena lost her first tooth!  She is seven and has spent almost two full school years watching all her schoolmates lose teeth, but all her teeth were staying stubbornly in her mouth.  She had even sewn herself a tooth pillow all by herself in anticipation of the event.

She lost it while we were on vacation, staying at my friends house.  It was really loose and I asked if she wanted me to pull it.  I tried, but it was giving me the heeby jeebies so I set Floyd to the task.  He pulled it out, and stuck it in a plastic bag.

I decided I needed to wash it.  My friend stopped me and told me to go to the bathroom and plug the sink. While I headed to the bathroom she was telling us about how she lost her daughter's first tooth by trying to wash it and it went down the drain.  Of course while she is telling the story I am rinsing the tooth.  It slips from my hand.  I panic and attempt to turn off the water, and hit the handle that was clogging the drain, which opens the drain, and the tooth goes down the sink.  It was April 1st so Floyd was hoping me losing it was an April Fool's joke, sadly it was not.

Luckily Selena is handles disappointing situations extremely well and assured me that a nice note to the tooth fairy would be just as good as the actual tooth, and she was right. :)

She also lost her second tooth a few weeks later.  This time she pulled it out herself, and I was not allowed to touch it. It stayed in ziplock so it could be safely put under her pillow.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Allie's Art Factory

Allie wants to create as much artwork as possible so she can sell it to make money.  I am completely biased, but I think she is pretty good.  What impresses me the most is how she creates her image just so, and then moves onto the next one without overworking any one piece. The only downside to her factory, is that she goes through reams of paper, and leaves them scattered all over the house, not to mention when she cuts them up into teeny tiny pieces for her collage works.

Other than her art, Allie enjoys animals.  She likes watching Wild Kratts and can give you all sorts of interesting facts on worms, honey badgers, dolphins and all sorts of other creatures.  Lately we've been collecting worms on our way home from dropping Selena off at school and letting them live in our garden, which is a good place to live because there are no moles or raccoons who are their predators.  Despite claiming that she does not like to play princesses I have witnessed her pretending to be Princess Worm.

Her tummy and other general aches and pains, and reflux still trouble her off and on.  She is gluten free and around August when I finally managed to stop accidentally feeding her gluten she seemed to get a big increase in energy.  Where she usually refused to walk, she went 3 miles without complaining.  But once school started the energy seems to come and go.  She tends to be constipated frequently.  It is really frustrating not knowing what is going on.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Heartache is Over

My first heartbreak came in 1994.  It was the first time I had really followed a team.  Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Kendall Gill, Detlef Schrempf, Nate McMillan, Sam Perkins were all my guys.  The Sonics had the best record in the NBA, most home wins, most road wins.  It was looking like it would be a championship season.  But it wasn't to be, they lost to the Denver Nuggets in the first round.  It was horrible.  I just remember celebrating Mother's Day at the park and being in tears.  How could this happen?

Ninety-five ended in another first round exit for the Sonics, but 95 was the year for the Mariners.  I wasn't really a baseball fan, but the Mariner/Yankee series was truly exciting baseball, and though I wasn't emotionally vested in the team I did enjoy watching them.  But the miracles they pulled off late in the season didn't extend to the next round.

In 1996 the Sonics finally made it to the NBA finals, but it was also the year Michael Jordan decided to unretire and dominate the league again.  The Sonics just weren't as good as Michael Jordan and the Bulls (and Dennis Rodman was so frustrating).

By 2001 I had been dating Floyd for a while, and we frequently watched Sportscenter over and over and I had become more of a baseball fan.  2001 was a great year for the Mariners.  They won a record setting 116 games in the regular season.  Ichiro, Boone, Buhner, Freddy Garica, Carlos Guillen, Jamie Moyer were unbeatable and fun to watch, but they didn't make it to the World Series. That was a real tough one.

2005 was the year for the Seahawks.  The Seahawks had never been good in my memory, but that year they were.  Hasselbeck, and Shaun Alexander led the team to the Super Bowl. It was the worst officiated game ever.  There were so many game impacting bad calls that still make me sick to my stomach.  It was horrible, and left me feeling like there was no way a major Seattle sports team would ever win a championship--we were cursed.

Then I had kids and it was harder to watch sports.  Seahawks made the playoffs some years and some they didn't.  The Sonics were stolen and moved to Oklahoma.  The Mariners were terrible.  Floyd and I did make it to the playoff game versus the Saints where we were a part of the Beast Quake in 2011 when Marshawn Lynch made his epic run (that video gives me chills), but I still missed a lot of games that year and only followed them loosely.

Toward the end of last year I felt like I had more time to watch football, and Russell Wilson was amazing. He was a rookie quarterback, surprise draft pick that everyone thought was horrible, he was short, and he was amazing.  They won the Wild Card game and the NFC championship game was one of the craziest up-and-down games I had ever watched.  They were so close to pulling off the come back of a life time, but didn't quite manage.  When that game ended I knew that the next year would be our year (and re-watching those highlights I can see how much better the Seahawks were this year).  I could just feel that this Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll had the champion mentality, and this was the year that Seattle could have a world championship.

We were so excited for football to start.  For the first time ever I watched preseason games (which they won).  The 12th Man is the perfect marketing strategy because it makes you feel like you are an important part of the team.  We went to a couple games and really felt like we influenced the game and that we had a job to do (and it was exhausting).  The whole season was a perfectly written story.  There were games with amazing comebacks.  We smashed our biggest rival the 49ers at home, but then barely lost to them when we were away.  Commentators claimed that the Seahawks defense just hadn't played a good offense and thought the Saints would prove that, and we throttled them.

Then it was the NFC championships, Seahawks versus the 49ers.  It had to be that way as a huge rivaly had developed between the two teams and fans from each team played it out.  I was worried about the game.
The 49ers were on a roll and were looking good.  The teams matched up well against each other and I knew it would be a tough game. It was one of the most exciting games ever, and a bit stressful too.  The last play of the game decided who won, and it was truly awesome.

Whereas I was worried about the NFC championship game I wasn't as concerned about the Super Bowl. The commentators once again tried to say that our defense probably couldn't handle a truly great offense, but I didn't believe them--and I was right.  It was the most dominating performance of the year.  It was euphoric.

The great thing is I can live the moments over and over.  I have watched the NFC championship game 4 times.  I have watched the Super Bowl game twice.  We dragged the kids to downtown Seattle to the parade despite hating crowds and knowing we probably wouldn't be able to see much.  I have listened to way too many commercials on sports radio for just the chance to hear something about the Seahawks.

I wonder why do I like this so much?  Why does this victory feel like a great life moment.  Why did I feel so much heartache when other teams lost?

I was listening to the TEDRadio hour podcast the other day and there was a segment on Mark Pagel's Ted talk about humans, language, and whether it brings us together or drives us apart.  He said that we developed language because we are social and needed a way to communicate with each other, but if that is so, then why did we develop so many different languages?  He pointed out that language is used as a clear way to delineate who is in your tribe and who is not.  Your language helps you communicate with those in your tribe and it prevents you from communicating with those not in your tribe. Humans are tribal.  This is why I get really attached to my sports teams.  It is a way for tribalism to manifest itself in my life. It is why watching my sports team win magnifies feelings of euphoria so much more than watching an individual athlete I like.  It is why the 12th Man has been so huge in Seattle.  I feel like there were so many more Seahawk fans this year then there were in 2005.  I think it is the 12th Man combined with the internet.  Facebook and Twitter has allowed our tribe to be bigger and unite more thickly.  It has been such an awesome experience and I am so thankful I have finally got to experience it, that I got to experience it with so many more people, and to be able to relive it over and over because I can easily record my TV, watch Sportscenter, listen to the radio, read it on the internet, and talk about it on Facebook.